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  • Chicken & Rice
    2+ weeks old

    Chicken & Rice. I just moved into an apartment just down the street from Chicken & Rice. I take the bus into work and whenever we drive by I'm dying to know if it's any good. Anyone ever eat at Chicken & Rice?

    • ranchand
      2+ weeks old

      Yes. It's amazing. Although the name is Chicken and Rice, the chicken and rice is not the best thing on the menu. Since it's Texas, the tex-mex food is excellent and the salads are really good too. I took my wife there the other night and my kids and everyone liked what they got. My kids just got chicken fingers, but they were actually really good and I ended up eating most of my daughters meal. My wife got some fruity salad thing that looked good and she claimed it was good, but I'm not much of a salad guy so I don't know. I got a BBQ burrito and it was absolutely amazing and huge. That's another good thing about this place, the portions are always huge. You should definitely try it out.