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  • gnd6
    2+ weeks old

    Noisy in Carrollton. I just moved to Carrollton. I use to live in a large home but we had to down size to a small 2 bedroom apartment. I can hear my neighbors day and night. I'm not use to living in an apartment. Any ideas to make it quieter?

    • handystan
      2+ weeks old

      Well, you have two options. You can either ask your neighbors to quiet down or build a soundproof barrier. Even if you tell your neighbors to be quiet, it's not going to happen. The wall isn't that hard to build and it's actually pretty fun. So, here's how to build the wall. Go to your local Walmart and buy a few of the small padded gymnastics pads, three bags of sand, a giant plastic tub or swimming pool, some gravel, duct tape, and a gallon of glue. Take the sand, glue, and gravel and dump them all into the tub/pool. Make sure to mix the sand and gravel before adding the glue. Then, pour the glue evenly over the sand and gravel mixture. Add a few gallons of water until you can mix all of the stuff together with a shovel. The mixture should be very similar to wet cement because that's basically what this is. Now, take some rubber gloves and large spatula and spread the cement all over the wall. Next, take one of the gymnastics pads and stick it to the wall. Repeat this for the entire wall until it is covered. Then, cover the mats with the cement and lay another layer of mats down. I would suggest having three layers of mats. Also, you should hide something in the wall for when someone discovers that its fake. You could make some sort of treasure hunt or something, I don't know. Then, go buy drywall and paint. Place the drywall up against the mats and put it into place. Then paint the drywall to match the other walls. Your landlord is going to have no idea that anything changed.