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  • tex
    2+ weeks old

    Brownsville, TX - This place really terrible?. I am browsing the listings here, the prices look ok for properties in Brownsville. Is this because this place is basically a war zone? At least according to the news, this doesn't look like a place I would want to live, but at this point it's my only option. So, for those who reside in Brownsville, should I come strapped and buy a kevlar vest or what?

    • lockup
      2+ weeks old

      Well, if it is actually your only option then you may not want to know about how bad the place may be since you are going to end up here no matter what. The crime rate in the city is near the national average and isn't anything out of the ordinary. The property crime rate is way above the national and state average, so you will need to be careful and always make sure to lock your doors and find an apartment with security or a safe where you can keep your valuables.

      • apartment manager
        2+ weeks old

        I am an apartment manager in Brownsville. We are on the Mexico border and so smuggling busts are common. Smugglers don't want to attract attention and tend to scoot on through to the north. Petty crime is pretty low. We have 124 units and never any break ins. Occasionally there is a car break in. Domestic violence is more common.