Trapped in My Apartment.

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  • dabombmom
    2+ weeks old

    Trapped in My Apartment.. Well, not literally, I just feel trapped. We need to get out of here once in awhile or I am going to lose my mind. Husband is away for 2 weeks, so I need some ideas on what to do with the kids, both uner 16. Malls, Parks, Museums...It doesn't matter. I hate not knowing anyone here @ my complex!

    • ShannonR
      2+ weeks old

      If you feel the need to escape your apartment Addison has a lot to offer. I personally love bringing out of town guest to the Mary Kay Museum, sounds kinda hokey but it is very interesting. Dallas World Aquarium and Rainforest is great for kids. They have 80,000 gallons of saltwater exhibits. My son loves it there. Welcome to Addison, I know you are going to love it here!

    • You should check out this website @ They have a list of ongoing events that can help you and the kids decompress.