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Spring Hill, TN ApartmentsbreakCommunity Forumbreakwhat are some towns situated around Nashville?

  • manwithaplan
    2+ weeks old

    what are some towns situated around Nashville? I just got a job in Nashville but don't want to live right in the city. What are some good towns to live in that are close to Nashville? my wife and I are expecting our first child so we want something child-friendly.

    • Circ3
      2+ weeks old

      I would suggest Springfield, Gallatin, or Castalian Springs. These places are all great for kids and very close to Nashville. You could go for somewhere more rural further outside the city, but that would add to the commute and take away time you get to spend with your family. You're also probably going to want to be closer to home in case you need to get home to your wife or child. These places definitely have the perfect mix of urban and suburban life and I think you will easily be able to find a place that fits all of your needs.