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  • freelance mary
    2+ weeks old

    Promised on-site management and maintenance, haven't seen it yet. Whenever i had a problem, my manager was never on- site to assist me. He provided a 24 hour phone to call him if i ever had a problem. But it would take him days to return my message. I still have a leak in my bathroom that he has yet to fix what should i do?

    • packratmatt
      2+ weeks old

      I would look at your lease/contract to see what it says specifically about an onsite manager/maintenance. If you feel that the landlord is violating the contract, speak with him. If he does not uphold his end of the contract you can contact authorities and see what they can do. You should also ask around the complex to see if you are the only one having issues with the landlord, or if other people feel the same way. If you come together and discuss the issue, the landlord will have a hard time fending all of you off and you can ponce on him like a bandit of rapid coyotes, forcing him to resolve the issue.