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  • kchristie
    2+ weeks old

    Looking for a furnished rental by Pendelton Street.

    • George Glass
      2+ weeks old

      Hello Christie,
      I found several rentals that are furnished and relatively close to Pendelton St. in Greenville.
      From Pendleton...
      Bell Caledon, on Caledon Court is 7 miles and 15 minutes.
      Vinings at Duncan Hill on Duncan Chapel Rd. is 8 miles, 13 minutes.
      Paddock Club on Rocky Creek Rd. and Estates at Bellwood are each 11 miles, around 19 minutes.
      Crestmont at Thornblade is 12 miles, 21 minutes.

      All of these listings can be found by searching Greenville, clicking 'show advanced options', and selecting furnished as a modifier. I hope one of these will work for you.

      Good Luck!
      George Glass