Hi!This is Pablo, from Spain. I will ...

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  • psauper
    2+ weeks old


    This is Pablo, from Spain. I will be studying my PhD in ICAR Center (Clemson University). I also have an assistantship, so I can pay my rent on time. I am looking for a room near the bus to ICAR (max 450 USD)

    • Clementine3
      2+ weeks old

      Are you looking for a room to rent or a one bedroom apartment? I'm going to assume apartment. I would type Clemson University into the search bar so that you can find apartments that are close to the campus. You can also find places that are within your price range by editing the price meter so that it only shows you apartments that are under $450. You can also look at the map setting so you can see where the actual apartments are located in reference to the campus. I'm not familiar with the bus system, so I don't know what to tell you about living near the bus stop. If you need help with how the site works or need some translation, post on here again. I speak Spanish as well.