i am a s/w/f/ 49 yrs old.who is ...

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  • neta.landers
    2+ weeks old

    I am a s/w/f/ 49 yrs old who is disabled, and is drawing disability every month. I am looking
    for a 1-2 bedroom apt or in Easley with a rent price that i can afford. Non-drinker,non-smoker,drug free. If you can help me call 864-551-5561 or 855-9920 thank you so much, may god bless you.

    • hodge.n
      2+ weeks old

      There is a good amount of affordable housing available in the Easley area that fits your criteria. Many of the apartments are under $600 and you can easily find apartments that are around $400. To find the cheapest apartments in the area click on the advanced options button and click on Deal or Special or the Value buttons. Hopefully you will be able to find something that fits your needs. If you require any special accommodations you should contact the realtor of the apartment directly, but find a few apartments you like first before contacting the realtors. Hope your search goes well.