hello. I am looking for an apartment. ...

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  • nicholle.sanchez.7
    2+ weeks old

    hello. I am looking for an apartment. minimum 2 bedroom and in the clover school district. (crowders Creek elem. pref.) Charlotte Highway Clover, SC 29710

    • Tanya
      2+ weeks old


      Villas at Marlin Bay Apartments are very close to Crowder's Creek Elementary, and they have apartments available currently. They prefer if potential tenants call for prices; the phone number is 877-319-2825. They have 2 and 3 bedroom units with various amenities.

      There is also a private rental at 582 Hampshire Hill Road, just 4 miles from the school. It has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and rents for just $650/month. This landlord (Rock Hill Property Management) can be reached at 1-803-329-1273.

      A third option is located at 11 Cranston Way, just 2 miles from Crowder's Creek School. It has 2 bedrooms and rents for $935/month and is well worth it. You can contact the landlord of this apartment at 1-803-831-0882.

      All of these options are available to read about and see images of on our site, if you search for Clover, then move the Range slide bar to within city, and bedrooms to 2.
      I hope one of these works out for you. If not, get back to us and we will be happy to keep looking for you.

      • Dhatheshvar Challa Gopinath
        2+ weeks old

        Hi Tanya,

        I am student and would look for shared housing close to performance friction clover. Could you help me with housing in that area closeby so that i can bike to office.