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  • Oliver6
    2+ weeks old

    Brynwood Apartments or 170 Lakeside Apartments. Last week I looked at two apartments. I can't decide which one I should rent.  Brynwood Apartments or 170 Lakeside Apartments.. Anyone rent at these complexes? The Brynwood apartment is $55 more a month. 

    • orangeee
      2+ weeks old

      I like Brynwood better because it is closer to the stream and a few parks. Lakeside is right near a cemetery and that creeps me out. Other than that, the two aren't that much different. Obviously you should go based off of which apartment is nicer for the price since they aren't that far apart from each other. I would visit both and then just decide based on which one you like better since they are both in the same general area. Hopefully the choice will go well and you'll make the right choice for you!