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  • Caitly
    2+ weeks old

    Chestnut Hill Village Apartments. Anyone live at Chestnut Hill Village Apartments.? Thinking about renting an apartment there. How is the management? 

    • chessyhill
      2+ weeks old

      Here is the link to the listing:
      I lived here a few years ago and the management was great and the guy that I always dealt with was very nice and always helped me with my problems right when I reported them (didn't have that many problems in the first place). I don't know if it is still the same management or who you would be dealing with, but I would call or visit if you can and talk with the people to see if they are nice. If you think that you like them or if you think that they will be good to you while you are living there, then there's your answer. sorry I couldn't give you more information, but this should help at least start you on your hunt to find good management.