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  • frustratedrenter
    2+ weeks old

    Broken pipe, ruined furniture, landlord not taking responsibility. I was away on vacation, came back to my apartment to find a pipe had broken and flooded my living room and kitchen. My couch and love seat, as well as some paintings all have water damage and need to be replaced. My landlord is stating that since I was away and couldn't report this, that it is not his problem. Basically, if I were home, he said they could have been notified and this could have been avoided. How does me being away have anything to do with one of HIS pipes breaking? This is BS and I think he is trying to get out of paying. Any lawyers in the house?

    • Lakky
      2+ weeks old

      This is probably not the place to find a lawyer, but good luck with your search! You should definitely be compensated for your damages, but you may have to take the landlord to court to get your money,