Entering my apartment when I am not home

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  • ughhhhhh
    2+ weeks old

    Entering my apartment when I am not home. Landlord question here. She entered my rental while I was at work. She the proceeded to comment on how I had dishes stacked up. HELLO!?!?!? Is this OK? I was always told I should be ensured 24 hours notice. And besides, I had a dinner party and skipped the dishes last night.

    • hugh.j
      2+ weeks old

      Besides the fact that you should never leave dirty dishes stacked in the sink, that is not ok for your landlord to do. They cannot enter your apartment without any notice, especially when you are not there. Do you know why she was their? If there was some sort of emergency happening in your apartment than it may be acceptable, but I'm assuming this isn't what was going on. I would speak with her or contact the housing authority or police and let them tell you your rights. You should also read your contract to see what it says in the contract.