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  • foolishman
    2+ weeks old

    Oi Vey, The Students are Loud. What was I thinking renting an apartment in a college town? These kids party from noon til dawn, it's impossible to concentrate. I rented this place in the dead of Summer, I should have known come Fall, all heck would break loose. I need some suggestions on surrounding towns, away from the school itself, please.

    • Prokhorov
      2+ weeks old

      Well, different parts of student towns have different levels of rowdiness. Sounds like you're in ground zero. If you search for apartments in Villanova on MyApartmentMap, when you see the listings there will be a slider in the top right. This slider says "range," which means distance from Villanova. If you increase the slider, you will be able to see apartments in surrounding towns. Good luck, friend.