Is Swarthmore still quiet in the Fall?

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  • pennfellow
    2+ weeks old

    Is Swarthmore still quiet in the Fall? Looking to rent here, was wondering with the campus of Swarthmore also being here, do things get kind of hectic? I visited in the Summer and this place was a ghost town. Now, I know I can't expect this once school is in session, but is it anything like this?

    • Gunner
      2+ weeks old

      It all depends on location. Obviously certain areas and complexes will be rowdier than others, but if you talk to a local real estate agent they can help you a lot with identifying these areas. But really, I wouldn't worry too much about it. The college only has one or two thousand students, which makes it a pretty small school. There are definitely plenty places you can live in Swarthmore and have peace and quiet.