Is Vincent's Pizza good

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  • danye
    2+ weeks old

    Is Vincent's Pizza good. New to the area. Just moved here last week. Can someone tell me if Vincent's Pizza is any good? I'm hoping they will deliver to my apartment. 

    • Obsezzed #1 Fan!!!
      2+ weeks old

      Hey, friend. Vincent's is UNFATHOMABLY GREAT. It's even better than Domino's, which is really saying something! Just the way they put cheese on bread, and then put in an oven, it's... I don't even have words. The last time I went there and watched them make pizza, my eyes welled up. I hugged Vincent and sobbed... that night, my tears were the topping on my pizza. Go to Vincent's, where bread and cheese were invented by Vincent and then combined together in 465 B.C., right here in Rockledge.