i want apartment near cmu, within ...

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  • sangita
    2+ weeks old

    i want apartment near cmu, within walkable distance plz advise which area is good

    • steelers33
      2+ weeks old

      I am assuming you would like a studio or 1 bedroom within walking distance of Carnegie Mellon. Here are some you may be interested in, though I don't know your price range so forgive me if they aren't suitable!

      The North Oakland area is right near CMU. In this area, the Fairfax Apartments offer studios/1 bedrooms for around $1000/month. CMU is about 3 blocks away. The number for Fairfax Apartments is (877) 830-5780. A laundry facility and gym are on-site.

      Webster Hall Apartments (877) 385-1699 have studios/1 bedrooms starting at $920/month and CMU is within walking distance. I believe some units may have a washer/dryer, or else a laundry room on each floor.

      Some other neighborhoods you may be interested in are Shadyside, Squirrel Hill North, the Oaklands, and perhaps Upper Hill. The CMU campus is centered among these.