What areas should I say away from?

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  • giobe
    2+ weeks old

    What areas should I say away from? I need to rent an apartment for a year in Philadelphia. I know that it can be a little ruff, can someone tell me where I should start my apartment search. 

    • Freddy Teejens
      2+ weeks old

      Yes, some areas in Philadelphia are nicer than others. But this is true in any major U.S. city. Some of the communities in the city center and in the Southeastern districts have more crime than others. I won't single any neighborhood out because that would be unprofessional. Check out this link to see for yourself which areas you should avoid:


      • kayosangmxus
        2+ weeks old

        That's not true,center city for the most part is safe . I was born and raised in South Philadelphia and South Philadelphia is safe. Center city is a great choice so is University area in West Philly. Center city, and South Philly you are going to pay premium prices especially in South Philly because there are more home owners then renters. University city in West Philly is a great location. The three locations I listed are very walkable. With super markets, a great mixture of the people. You really can't go wrong with any neighborhood close to center city fanning out in different locations. Bad locations would be places where the rent is dirt cheap. There is no part of the city of Philadelphia were crime is greater than another. A lot of times when people say a neighborhood is bad it's code for there's black and brown people. Areas like South Philadelphia is and always have been mixed neighborhoods. If you come to the city looking for problems you'll find them. All of Center City and South Philadelphia have very good presence. Headquarters is located in downtown Philadelphia. You see the police patrolling response time for police and the fire department are 3 minutes or less. Center city is safe no place is 100% crime free and there is just as even more crime in the Northeast as any other place don't believe the stories about center city or any place South east of the city I take great offense to the notion Southeastern districts have more crime than others because it is an out and out lie.