Burglaries throughout Lower Merion

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  • hippyhappy
    2+ weeks old

    Burglaries throughout Lower Merion. I just rented an apartment in penn wynne. I saw on the news that there has been a ton of burglaries throughout Lower Merion. Should I be concerned? Should I install an alarm system in my apartment? 

    • ocvi2h
      2+ weeks old

      The fact that you don't already have an alarm system is pretty strange. Even if these burglaries didn't happen and you lived in the safest place in the world, you should have an alarm system. You never know who is in the area and what their intentions are. You don't know what these people are looking for. They might just come in and take ten dollars and a TV, but do you still want someone in your apartment? Get an alarm system today and install it--the last thing you need is people rummaging through your stuff and taking whatever valuables you may have. Stay safe.