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  • beth_b1234
    2+ weeks old

    Living by the Zoo. Looking at a couple of places today, one is Astor & Logan Square Apartments the other is Madison at Logan West.
    My Question is this: How is the smell? With the animals living so close by, I would rather not smell their business all day and night.
    Any insight?

    • Coocoo
      2+ weeks old

      Even if you can smell it, which you most likely can't, you get used to it. I grew up on a farm and you stop noticing after about a month. I wouldn't worry about it--zoos are usually pretty good about cleaning up after their animals. Also, if you think about when you go to a zoo it normally doesn't smell and you are way closer to the animals them. Just get some febreeze if it smells bad; we used it at the barn all the time. I suggest a tropical sent to cover the smell, seemed to work the best for us.