Idiot Neighbor parking situation

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  • danaD
    2+ weeks old

    Idiot Neighbor parking situation. My neighbor, who owns his own house next to the place I rent likes to park on his front lawn and the sidewalk sometimes. I have spoken to him about this and he basically told me to mind my own business and that since he owns and I rent, I really can't say much. How do I resolve a situation like this? The owner of my house won't get involved. Will the city intervene?

    • strugglebus
      2+ weeks old

      If the owner of the house that you are renting from doesn't want to get involved than I'm not sure what authority you have. You could contact the police department and see what they can do, but since the owner of your house doesn't want to get involved, he may say he doesn't care any the police may not be able to force the guy to get off of the lawn. If he is parking on the sidewalk this may be considered an obstruction and he may be forced to move off of the sidewalk, but this may cause him to get mad and park more on your lawn. I would look at the laws or contact the police department without causing a scene so that your neighbor does not know.