Does Weavertown Terrace allow cats?

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  • Givap
    2+ weeks old

    Does Weavertown Terrace allow cats? I have a cat and I'm looking to rent an apartment in Lebanon. Does anyone know if Weavertown Terrace allows cats? Do they charge a pet deposit? My cat is an indoor cat and she is fixed. 

    • meowww
      2+ weeks old

      Weavertown Terrace is listed on this page: and it clearly states that cats are allowed. If you look at the listing it says it right there with a little cat symbol and words. If you want to see other cat friendly apartments just go to the advanced options setting and click the cat box, then all the apartments that fit your criteria and that allow cats will show up. As for extra charges, there shouldn't be any if the listing doesn't say so. Some places do charge extra, but that should be clearly listed on the property description. Ask your landlord before renting so that you don't have any surprise charges added on to your rent.
      P.S. I love cats <3