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  • Caleb
    2+ weeks old

    Is this discrimination... me and 3 buddies want to rent a 4 bedroom house because its cheaper for four working adults. The landlord says he only considers families for the house because it's in a residential area and that if he gave us the house rent would increase because we all have jobs and a car. That doesn't seem logical.

    • bgipe1
      2+ weeks old

      It is logical, just not in you and your friends benefit. A family tends to have 2-3 cars maximum, but 4 individuals that all work will most likely have 3-4 vehicles. This means that instead of having to allocate only 2-3 spaces for a house they now will lose an extra few. Now he may have used that as a way to make you leave since the other considerations that you have to note are that it is 4 people (from your question all male) in a house, he doesn't know you so his assumption is that at some point there will be a party with alcohol and loud music as well as taking into account that there may be women involved so he may lose a tenant/ or more, or the opposite you may have more than the 4 of you in the house living for an extended period of time. Hope this helps. It was hard for my wife to understand that no matter what you TELL them, they do not know you and have to go on their (however misinformed) assumption of people.