Is the Skate Park safe?

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  • sk8termom
    2+ weeks old

    Is the Skate Park safe? Is the skate park a safe place to let my kids go to? Does someone supervise them? They have been asking about it since we moved here. And it's just a short walk from our apartment. 

    • papaPaPA
      2+ weeks old

      My short answer: No. But, what skate park is safe? If your kid is just skating around and riding on small ramps and stuff, the worst that is going to happen is a scrape, some stitches, or maybe a broken wrist if they fall forwards, but that can happen while walking. If your kid is doing rails and going off jumps and doing tricks and stuff, then the danger level is higher. However, if your kid can do that than he is probably pretty good and knows what he's doing, and hes probably gotten hurt before. There is also kids hour from 8-12 on weekends, so this would be a safer time for a kid or novice skater to go. I would go with them the first few times just to make sure they don't get too hurt. And don't make them wear elbow pads or knee pads, a helmet is plenty, you don't want them to look ridiculous.