Reporting a pet hoarder in my complex

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  • crazycatladyIamNOT
    2+ weeks old

    Reporting a pet hoarder in my complex. There is a gal, I won't name names, but she lives in my apartment complex and is obviously hoarding cats. Our places are less than 800 sq. ft. and I would estimate she has 8 cats. Doesn't this seem like too many? What can I do? Is there any animal control officer in town who might look into this for me?

    • trashman2
      2+ weeks old

      Here's all the information you need for the animal control: I would say that 8 cats isn't too many...that's one cat per 100 sq. ft. Cats don't need that much space. If you're concerned about the cat's health, then I would call animal control, but if you just don't like the number of cats she has then it shouldn't be your problem. You could also try getting her on TLC's Animal Hoarders or Animal Planet's version.