Is Carson Valley School good?

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  • Victoria3
    2+ weeks old

    Is Carson Valley School good? Flourtown is one of the towns we are considering moving to. Does anyone have kids that go to Carson Valley School? We are looking at apartments in Flourtown, but I want to make sure the schools are good.

    • Ghetti--
      2+ weeks old

      The school gets mixed reviews, but many people that are working professionals say that it is great because they do have extended hours so you child can stay at school until you are done with work, rather than worry about finding a babysitter to pick your kids up from school and then watch them until you get home. I would suggest going to the school and talking to the principal and some teachers to see if the school seems like the right fit for you. They should be open to giving you a tour and telling you more about the school, especially if you will be paying tuition.