Where is the post office?

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  • George98
    2+ weeks old

    Where is the post office? My apartment is on spring mill lane.  Anyone know where the nearest post office is? I tried to Google it, but I can't find it. New to the area, I need to get a PO Box. I don't want mail coming to the apartment. 

    • icycold4
      2+ weeks old

      There is a US Post Office on Fayette St, here's the link: https://maps.google.com/maps?oe=utf-8&client=fi...
      It's very easy to get a PO box, just go into the post office and ask someone at the desk and they should be able to give you the forms to obtain a PO Box. Also, just curious, but why don't you want mail delivered to your apartment? Are you trying to hide something from your roommate or landlord? I find that there is something very suspicious about this even though it isn't my business.