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  • blockpartychica
    2+ weeks old

    Block party for my apartment complex. Woohoo, it's that time of year, I want to organize a block party now that it's cooling off a bit. The manager at my complex said I can organize one so long as I follow city ordinances and get approval from the town.
    Where do I look for more information on making this happen?
    So Excited!

    • David Chapelle
      2+ weeks old

      Oh, how fun! I love block parties. Your first step is to submit a formal request to the Cheltenham Township. You can do this on their website, or go in person. In this request you need to put your name, number, e-mail, and address, tell them which street needs to be blocked off, the planned date, a rain date, and the time of the event. Here is more info:

      I really hope your block party is swell. If you need any help with planning ideas, check out this helpful video: