We need a place near the busline and ...

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  • Rachaell
    2+ weeks old

    We need a place near the bus line that will accept a small dog. Three adults.

    • Carly Shene
      2+ weeks old

      Hi Rachaell,

      I found a place that seems like it would be perfect for you:
      -River Crest Estates home, Salmon St., Roseburg. (707)954-1133. $995/mo, 3 bdrms. allows small dogs.

      There are slim pickings in this area with 3 bedrooms in central (bus stop) locations. If you search in advanced options, you can select a modifier to search for places allowing small dogs. As we update our listings regularly, check back if this place doesn't work out.

      Good luck!
      Carly Shene