I am looking to move to Portland, and ...

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  • jane28cordell
    2+ weeks old

    I am looking to move to Portland, and overwhelmed with search for apartments. Are there apartment finders or locators in the city?

    • OR_Rental_Specialist
      2+ weeks old

      Hi Jane,
      Are you having issues finding a place on your own? Are you asking if there are companies or people out there that will provide a personal service and sort of guide you through your apartment search? This is what I gather by your question.

      Most folks conduct their search on their own, they email and call potential landlords and property managers and set up appointments.

      After a quick search, I am not finding any services that might fit your need. You can view this discussion from awhile back on City Data, which is very similar to your question:


      One suggestion I have is to contact a real estate agent in the area.

      If you need a personalized list based on certain criteria, let me know, I can put one together. I would need information such as # of apartments needed, budget, location, any amenities you might desire, etc.