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  • Daryl
    2+ weeks old

    I am a non-traditional student currently at CU in Boulder, who is moving this first of January to Ashland. I will be finishing up at SOU within the year. A 56 year old (non-smoker/drinker) who deals with a nureological disability with the muscles in my neck "Toricollis". What helped me get back into school and pursue a new direction is the assistance with my SSI and the use of a Section 8 Voucher for a 2 bedroom.
    Clean record/some credit issues, but awesome references from Boulder and 12 years in Estes Park, Colorado.
    Looking forward to hearing from you and working with you in the near future!

    • Gary Bennett
      2+ weeks old


      In Ashland, Oregon, there aren't any options for Section 8 Housing that I could find. I did find a 2 bedroom home for rent in Medford, Oregon, which accepts Section 8, however it's about 20 minutes from Ashland. The Southenaire Apartments are also in Medford.

      About 25 minutes away from Ashland are the Willow Glen Apartments in Central Point. They are about $555/month for a 2 bedroom apt that accepts Section 8.

      About 45 minutes from Ashland are the Quail Run Apartments in Shady Cove that accept Section 8, with 2 bedrooms for about $575/month.

      Other than these, I am not sure there are many options for Section 8 housing in Oregon.