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  • WiklsonRocks
    2+ weeks old

    Looking for a quiet street. Has anyone ever lived on SW Queen ave? I'm looking at a few apartments on this street. I would like to live on a quiet street. The landlord of one of the apartments says it's pretty quiet. But I noticed there is a school close by, seems like there would be a lot of traffic and buses??

    • Jose
      2+ weeks old

      I don't think the buses pass down the street and if the do it would be at most twice a day--once in the morning and once in the afternoon. I would go visit and check it out for yourself if possible, then you will be able to gauge how quiet it actually is. I live near that street and it is very quiet and people rarely pass by my house. Like you said, the majority of the traffic is just before and after school when people are going to and from school. However, it has never bothered me before.