We will be relocating to Tulsa in the ...

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  • melissa.dealhoward
    2+ weeks old

    We will be relocating to Tulsa in the next 3 weeks. We need to find a decent 2 bdr apartment in a nice neighborhood. My hubby would like to drive no more than 20-25 minutes to work less if possible. He will be working on Toledo Ave. Can anyone help with what areas we should def stay away from as I know every city has a not so desirable neighborhood. Thanks

    • FrancisILA91
      2+ weeks old


      ^ If you take a look at that map, you will see that the southern neighborhoods in Tulsa are definitely safer and a better place to live than the rest of the city. And fortunately, Toledo Ave. is located in the southern part of the city, so if you can find a rental in that area it would be a very short commute. Take a look at this map:


      If you follow that link you can see all of the rentals in Tulsa, and if you adjust the sliders above the map you can set the number of bedrooms and price you want. Just looking at it briefly I saw a handful of great listings that were in a nice part of town and looked affordable. I hope this helps, good luck!

    • Kengle5
      2+ weeks old

      Stay away from the city center and the areas that are just north of the city center. These are where crime is the most prevalent, but they are fine to visit during the day, you are just ata higher risk of burglary if you live in that area. The safest places to live are the northwestern region and the southernmost region of the city. Good luck!