which apt is close to avalon golf ...

Niles, OH ApartmentsbreakCommunity Forumbreakwhich apt is close to avalon golf course?

  • audrey
    2+ weeks old

    Which apartments are close to Avalon golf course?

    • Chloe
      2+ weeks old

      Hello Audrey,

      I assume you mean Avalon Lakes, in Warren (there is also Avalon at Buhl Park in Heritage, also somewhat close to Niles). If so, if you enter Warren, OH in the search bar, and adjust the Range slide bar to within city, all listings are less than 10 miles from the club. The closest one is a duplex at 7861 Raglan Drive, 3.5 miles away, $695/mon. for 2 bedrooms.

      If you have any more questions, or more specific requests, feel free to resubmit a question.
      Happy hunting,