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  • G.Fitzgerald
    2+ weeks old

    What can you tell me about Chesterfield at Maumee apartments? So far they are the cheapest 2 bedroom apartments I can find and it's right next to Rt. 20 and Meijer. I just don't want to make a rash decision because this has been the only place that has caught my interest so far.

    • Meil
      2+ weeks old

      It's not a bad place to live. I've been here 3 years and haven't had much problems. They've raised rent 3x since I've been here but it's still the cheapest in the area. It's quiet and pretty safe area. Some times car break ins in the summer but not many and is any where you go. Management doesn't bother you much unless you're late on rent or something. The only reason I stay is because it's safe and quiet for the most part. Some times there is noise in the summer but if you let the manager know, they usually take care of it. It's not the nicest (no washer, dryer in unit, or fireplace, small balcony, no pool) in the area but those nice places are really expensive