How is the Amherst school district?

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  • mothhhhherrrr
    2+ weeks old

    How is the Amherst school district? Looking at rentals here on and figured I would ask since this option is available. How is the Amhest OHIO school district? Parents, are you happy with the education your childs or kids are receiving?
    Also: Any tips on where I should be looking while searching for my rental? Need a 2 bedroom, under 950.

    • GS001
      2+ weeks old

      The Amherst Ohio School District has received excellent ratings from GreatSchool, and most of their schools get really good community ratings as well. I'm not from the area, but know a few people that live there and am thinking about moving there as well. Here's a link to a list of schools and you can click on the community rating and read what people say about the school: