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  • justadaughter
    2+ weeks old

    Senior Housing and Senior Support Groups. Mine is a two part question on behalf of my 'rents. I am looking for senior housing in Amelia, can this site help me? I am not sure how it works. Secondly, if they do decide to settle in Amelia, how is the support for it's senior residents? Things to do? Group activities, etc?

    • Viejose
      2+ weeks old

      There is no filter for senior housing but you can often find senior housing available if you look through the listings. If you filter by the other amenities than you can scroll through less listings and see if any senior housing shows up. As for senior services I don't know of any off the top of my head but there is probably a senior center or something like that in the area. Also, if they live in senior housing there will be activities and things for them to do, but it depends on the housing you find.