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  • nynyny_NY
    2+ weeks old

    Month to Month lease in Watervliet. One of the aparments I am interested in is asking for a month to month lease as opposed to the traditional year to year lease. Is this not recommended? I am worried the landlord could just decide one month that I have to go on a months notice. Do I have any protections in a month to month lease? NY Law experts, please chime in.

    • inquiryy
      2+ weeks old

      I'm no law expert, but he does have the right. Many landlords do this if they have a history of bad tenants that need to be evicted frequently. As long as you are a good tenant there is no reason for him to evict you after a month or just some random month. I would talk to the landlord and see if he seems like a nice guy and ask him why he does the month to month lease and how many people he's evicted and why. Just inquire a little more and you should be able to tell if he will be an ok guy to rent from.