Is the fireplace worth it?

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  • snuggles
    2+ weeks old

    Is the fireplace worth it? There's a few places i'm interested in that have fireplaces in the apartment, but certain places have such restrictions on how and when i can use my own fireplace. Some places even charge an extra fee for the fireplace. Is it worth it to get a apartment with a fireplace or would it be a hassle?

    • Squidword.1
      2+ weeks old

      It really depends on how badly you want one. Some people truly love fireplaces -- it's a major selling point for their apartment, and they won't rent without one. Others would like them, but wouldn't be distraught if they found a property without one. So, you should decide if a fireplace is absolutely necessary, or if it's dispensable. As for policy, every apartment and landlord has a different one, so you can discuss that with whomever you meet. Good luck.