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  • Phells
    2+ weeks old

    Apartment with a Pool. Anyone know of any apartments with a pool? I don't want to live in a complex though. It would be nice to get an apartment in a house with a pool in the backyard. I need a two bedroom. 

    • cityslicker999
      2+ weeks old

      Since Rosedale is so close to NYC it's going to be very hard to find an apartment that isn't in a complex that also has a pool. There are plenty of apartments in complexes with a pool, but there currently aren't any listing that are not in complexes. You could try to settle for a smaller complex, but if you want to live in the Rosedale area, this is probably the best you are going to be able to do. If you have your heart set on being in a smaller building or house, I would suggest that you look for places outside of Rosedale that are further away from the city. If you still want to be in the Long Island area as well it is going to cost you a good amount of money to rent, especially if you maintain the same criteria. You will have even more options if you look much further outside the city in a more rural town--if access to the city is an issue, try to find a town that has access to transportation into the city. Good luck, hope this helped.