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  • unicornd
    2+ weeks old

    Want to live near the beach. Is Rockaway Park close to Manhattan? I really want an apartment close to the beach, but my new job is in Manhattan. I'm hoping to find something on Shore Front Parkway

    • buddyboi3
      2+ weeks old

      If you want to find an apartment in that area just typed in where you want to live in the search bar and the listings wil come up. Then you can look at the map and see how close the partments actually are to the water. Just so you now, the rent is going to be ridiculously high the closer you get to the water. I would suggest looking at places outside of Manhattan that aren't near the water unless money isn't an issue. You could be the daughter of some pro athlete or a ceo of a company, I wouldn't know, but it's just a suggestion. Good luck and happy spending...