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  • PIP
    2+ weeks old

    I have an internship at Monroe Veterinary Clinic at East Henrietta Road, Rochester, NY and am looking for a one bedroom furnished appartment for a little over one year. I would probably prefer to stay in downtown (where the action is) and will have a car. However, I do not know teh area and would like some recommendations.

    • Ethan
      2+ weeks old

      I lived in Rochester for about 5 years. (Went to RIT). It will probably be cheaper to live down town actually but it is less safe. Monroe Veterinary Clinic is very close to RIT and is about 10-15 minutes from downtown. The commute is not bad at all. A lot of the bars/restaurants are on Monroe Avenue/East Avenue, just south east of the city center. There are a lot of apartments available in this area at reasonable rents. If you go to the MAP tab and zoom in to East Ave, Monroe Ave, and Park Street. These are all good areas that are close to what your looking for.