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  • broady21
    2+ weeks old

    Rents in the 11769 zip code. Affordable? Outrageous? I love Oakdale, but not sure what I should expect to pay. Are the #'s relating to average rents on this site accurate? Seems to be a lot to choose from, yet the prices are all over the place in terms of monthly rents.

    • mincop4
      2+ weeks old

      For every location where there are apartment listings the site lists the rental data that shows the averages based on the apartments that have been rented over the last six months. So, yes, these statistics are accurate and reflect what you should expect to pay. And, no matter where you look the average rent is going to be all over the place as you say because different apartments obviously go for different rent depending on size, how new they are, how nice they are, and the location relative to major attractions for residents. You can change your price range using the search bar and this will help you to limit your choices and allow you to only look at apartments that fit what you want--that's what this site is made to do.