Bulk Trash Day?

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  • Raserc
    2+ weeks old

    Bulk Trash Day? I just moved to Oakdale. My apartment came with storage in the basement. Unfortunately the old tenant left a bunch of junk. Does Oakdale have a bulk trash day? You know where you can put anything on the curb like refrigerators and stuff?

    • poptop4
      2+ weeks old

      First of all, your landlord should probably take care of this trash since it is not yours. He probably should've checked the basement before the tenant moved out or before you moved in, but it's too late now. I would contact your landlord first and then he will probably take care of it or ask you to help. He will know the procedure for removing the trash and whether you will have to take it somewhere yourself. But, again, it should not be your responsibility to remove the stuff. If I were you I would go through the junk before you tell your landlord to see if there is anything that may be of any value and take it. IF he left it, he clearly doesn't want it and you don't want the landlord to find something good in a pile of trash that is in your space.