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  • BrightLightsBigCity
    2+ weeks old

    NYC is So Big, Where Do I start looking for a rental in the 1000-2000 dollar range? Help! I don't know where to start. I need a rental unit for just myself under 1500.00/month that includes utilities. Is this even possible? Thanks in advance.

    • I would suggest looking on the Upper East or if you are ok with going uptown, Washington Heights. It's an up and coming area and very safe.

    • Hi,
      It is possible if you are willing to take a non-elevator building. They go fast, so be ready to move on one if you like it....that means check your credit, bring the credit report and your check book with you. Also it is wise to Google the managment company of the building, sometimes there will be a review of the managment company on Yelp. Good Luck!

    • Utilities included is rare but not impossible. The budget of $1000 to $2000 would put you in Harlem, East Harlem, Morningside Heights, Hamilton Heights and the Bronx areas.

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    • Hello, yes this is possible, it all comes down to what you expect and what you are open to, work with a broker that has your best interest at heart and you will come out on top. Now as far as places, your budget is not as low as you think. Maybe for Tribeca but NYC is very big and has lots of options. Manhattan neighborhoods like Harlem, Inwood, Washington Heights. Brooklyn is an option, Queens, the Bronx and Staten island it all depends on what you would like, it is there for you, just have to look and have a good person by your side

    • 2+ weeks old

      It may be easier to find something with that budget in brooklyn or queens. Some places will have utilities included, not many

    • The price range is tough, but not impossible. Best places start looking are some of the outer boroughs such as Queens and Brooklyn.

    • Bright Lights:

      The first thing you need to do is choose an area that best suits your lifestyle. Where you work, where you like to socialize, and the things you enjoy doing will all play a part in your decision making process. The wonderful thing about Manhattan is that within every area, whether it is the Upper East Side, Midtown, or Downtown there are affordable rentals surrounded by $5,000,000 luxury homes. I recently found a friend of mine a $1,600 rental on 89th Street and Park Avenue. So anything is possible. As for utilities being included as part of your rental agreement, well, that's could be challenging. Let us know if we can help.

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    • That is a limit on the Upper East side and it rarely includes utilities. The best bet is to aim to find something around $1600 and not factor utilities into that. If you find something that DOES include utilities in that amount...WINNING!

    • You can find a one bedroom for that amount in NYC. And yes it is possible. NYC is undergoing major transformation. Neighborhoods being revitalized, and older being being renovated and updated makes the city a thriving place for new tenancy. You can find it. But know the units are small, but what you get outside is a wealth of things to do and eat!.

    • yes! I can find you studios and 1-bedrooms that fit your budget at full-service luxury buildings that include 24 hour doorman, valet service, fitness center, indoor-pool, tenants lounge, etc. Please contact me if you have more questions and perhaps tour some of the apartments. what is your move in date? thanks

    • You might have to go up to Harlem or more north for what you are looking for. Prices have gone up and that does not exist below 100th St.

    • Hi Bright Lights,

      That is definitely doable in many parts of the city. I would start by asking where you have to commute to most often, and how long of a commute you are comfortable with. After that the next question would be do you generally plan on simply walking from the train to your apartment and back, or is it important to also be in a neighborhood where you would like to spend your weekends. I have about 10 more questions I would generally ask in a scenario like yours, to find what will be the right mix of apartment and neighborhood amenities, but I will simply give you the confirmation that yes it is entirely possible for you to find a home within your budget in many reasonable places around the city.


    • Around queens you can get that place and you can save money but if you are looking in Manhattan is going to be a little difficult, I'll be more than happy to assist you

    • It's going to be tough but your best bet is the Upper East side in a walk-up (no elevator) building. I just took a client to see 2 $1400 studios there that included utilities. Check far east (near York Avenue) and far north (70s-90s). You could also go to Harlem or Morningside Heights for a better deal, but if safety and proximity to the rest of Manhattan concern you, I would stick with the Upper East Side. Of course, if you are willing to do outside of Manhattan, Brooklyn is huge and offers some more affordable alternatives in various neighborhoods - same with Queens/Bronx, etc.

    • 2+ weeks old

      Hello there!

      NYC is very big you're right but it's a small world. Even if you work in Manhattan, Brooklyn could be the right fit for you because you will get more out of your money in Brooklyn within your budget and it can take 15mins on train to get into the city. Most apartments include Heat and Hot water. To get an apartment with all utilities included can be a lot more difficult but it is not impossible. In fact, nothing is impossible.

      Best of luck to you

    • Hello,

      You can definitely find a rental unit in NYC for under $1500/month. You will have to look in the upper upper west or a small studio in the Upper East. If you want to live closer to downtown or in midtown, you will be better off looking for a room to rent with that budget. Check out listing in Inwood or Washington Heights. If I can help, let me know!

    • KnowITall
      2+ weeks old

      At that price your better off living outside the city. You might want to look across the river and try to find a rental near an MTA stop.

    • This is possible. I have loads of listings all over Manhattan that I can show you, so that you can comparison shop. Give me a call and we can talk more in depth about your apartment hunt! (646) 538-4351

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