Max # of oocupants in a NYC apartment?

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  • packing_emin
    2+ weeks old

    Max # of oocupants in a NYC apartment? A family down the hall from me, 2 bedroom apartment has like 7 people living there. I tried talking to them, but no hablo espanol(not sure if this is how you say it), but I don't speak Spanish. It seems very unsafe to me. How many people can live in a single family apartment within city limits?

    • It generally depends on the size of the apartment and the number of bedrooms. 7 people in a 2 bedroom is somewhat questionable.

    • That is not your concern. You are not allow to discriminate base on the size of a family. If the landlord is not taking any actions, then, you shouldn't be concern with those who don't speak el english.

    • There's always limits but most of the times people don't follow the rules sometimes because of the high rent. and answering your question for a 2 bedroom apartment no more than 5 people

    • It can vary from landlord to landlord. But generally I think each room is allowed two people, including the living room.