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    Just out of college looking for affordable rent and no surprise here im finding closet-shaped apartments that are in my budget. I'm guessing it's easier to live with roommates in this city than on your own. Any tips on how to find roommates?

    • Some people use Craigslist... I have had the best luck networking through friends. Try posting to your Facebook profile.

    • There are companies that deal directly with finding roommates, roommate finder is one of them, people looking for roommates usually post on the interweb portals like craigslist, so that may be a place to start, it all depends on where you would like to live. What is your budget and what neighborhoods have you really looked in, the small boxes are really subject to where you look, expand your range and you can forgo the roommate altogether. Give me a ring I can help you out either way.

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      You can put an ad on craigslist. You can also use your personal network to see if someone you know or a friend of someone you know needs a place also. You may be able to find more space in brooklyn and queens depending on your budget

    • There are many roommate sharing services. Simply "Google" roommate sharing services and you'll get many choices to choose from. Depending on your budget you can find some great deals in Manhattan. If you want more space I suggest you look in older (prewar) buildings as they tend to have more generous layouts.

    • The best bet is to try to interview people much as you would a job interview. There was an article about it online I am sure you can find if you search for Roommate interviewing or something to that effect. What is an affordable rent to you? I have been working in the field for seven years now and found that $1700 is the benchmark to find a good sized space of your own in Manhattan below 96th Street.

    • Go to www.roommatefinder.com and interview them like you would for a job. Find out all you need to know about their habits, likes and dislikes before you agree to share. Also make sure your schedules are close to the same, so that when you're tired, they're not partying...

    • You might want to check out the "Shares" section in Craigslist. That is probably your best option, but there are some other alternatives if you search a little.

    • easy to find there are a bunch of websites that make finding a roommate a walk in the park, www.roommates.com/

    • One of the cheapest, easiest ways to find roommates is through Craigslist. Just plug in the neighborhoods you are interested and you will see some results. Just make sure to get to know your prospective apartment and roomies before you move-in!

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    • I would try posting a blurb on your Facebook news feed that you are looking for a roommate in NYC. One of your FB friends may know someone who is also moving to the city or needs a roommate. I would also pass along an email to friends about what you are looking for (your ideal roommate situation, budget, etc) and ask them to forward it to everyone they know in NYC. Lastly, you can use craigslist. Be sure to interview your potential roommates thoroughly! While having roommates does bring down the rent, you don't want to be stuck living with a bad roommate for a year.