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  • NYCGirl
    2+ weeks old

    Times Square Safe at night? I'm renting an apartment close to Times Square. I was just offered a job at a hotel in Times Square, but my shift ends at night. Can someone tell me if Times Square is safe to walk through at night?

    • 2+ weeks old

      Times Square is Super Safe at night !! iIf you looking to travel a little West try checking out 8th Avenue for tons of cafes restaurants and bars or even 9th avenue which is also known as the New Hells Kitchen.

    • Times Square is very safe at night. Always a large police presence and with all the lit advertisements that the area is famous for, it might as well be daylight in the middle of the night.

    • 2+ weeks old

      I have not any problems in that area at late hours. Because it's Times Square, it's very well lit so you can see what's going on around you

    • Yes. Times Square is relatively safe to walk at night in my opinion. There are always many people walking around even during the midnight. You can check it yourself by turning to the NYC.org channel in TV and see the real live recording 24 hours.

    • Crime stats are online. NYC is still a big city with a bunch of weird people. The best advice I can offer as someone born and raised here, BE ALERT AT ALL TIMES. Don't space out, look like a tourist or ever forget that you are in a city with a ton of people.

      Times Square is always populated and there are cameras everywhere these days, but there are also tons of people out there who are desperate and just don't give a F^*#!

      Always be aware of what's going on around you.

    • Yes, Times Square is safe at night. Pretty much every neighborhood below 100th Street has been cleaned up and is generally safe. I specialize in high-security buildings if you would like to contact me with any questions...

    • I van say that it's safe I been around there late night and never felt threaten, there's always people in the area plus a lot police officers, I understand your concern because what people say about new york but it's a safe city specially around that area.

    • Yes, Times Square is safe at night, well as safe as the safe parts of NYC. There are police that patrol Times Square 24/7 + they have a station house right in the center of Times Square.

    • janeemichele7904
      2+ weeks old

      Time Squares now isnt the Times Square of the 70's & 80's. Night time isnt the greatest time to run around the city, however I am positive your building has a doorman and you will be fine. Times Square is well lit and heavily populated. Just try not to look like a lost puppy. Appear confident and mind your business, meaning you dont have to help anyone. There are questionable people who try to draw people in by asking seemingly innocent questions. If YOU have questions, go to a store and ask an employee or uniformed employees i.e. police officers, train or bus employees, etc. I say all of this to say you should be ok.

    • Times Square at night is one the safest ares in NYC because of the massive amounts of tourist in the area. NYC on average receives over 48 million per year which is a lot of $$$ coming into the city and if tourist didn't feel safe it would deter them from visiting the city. There is always a police officers on almost every corner in Time Square.