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  • mamalorig6219153
    2+ weeks old

    I am relocating to the NYC area. What is the best means of finding a decent apartment to rent?
    I have horrible credit, but have more than enough funds to put ample security down. I am looking in the Bronx/Brooklyn areas.
    Should I use a real-estate agent? Any recommendations?

    • Hi I would recommend that you hire a buyers agent. This way they are able to work on your behalf as well as sort out the particular landlords that would be ok with taking security rental deposits and overlook Fico. Are you able to put down 6 mo. security?

    • 2+ weeks old

      Working with a real estate agent may be your best option since they have a much larger inventory and can save you time and effort than doing it alone. I have a relationship with a credit repair company so that may be of help to you. Give me a call at 347-460-4673 to see if I can be able to help you. My primary is brooklyn, the bronx is too far for me

    • Your credit does not necessary preclude you from finding a decent apartment, but you are wise to be aware that it could have implications. Using a licensed real estate salesperson could be an advantage for you, as they will be able to help guide you towards landlords or buildings that may have more flexibility with regards to your situation.

    • I recommend that you do use a real estate agent because you are new to New York. they can help to point you in the right direction and would be able to help find you an apartment where bad or sub par credit is not an issue. Try my Company Rapid Realty. You can call me as well and i will assist you with your search. 646-240-3709

    • An agent can simplify it for you. Consider dealing with private owners as well and explaining the situation honestly. They may be more willing to work with you with extra rent/security up front. Most larger landlords will avoid the lease due to the bad credit issues in the past.

    • Your best bet is to find a knowledgeable agent, who knows the NYC rental market and which landlords will accept you.

    • Hi memelori,

      It really depends on what your time constraints are. If you have all the time in the world to walk around, knock on doors, and filter through the good and bad of the no-fee web, then by all means pay yourself to do that job.

      Many New Yorkers find that the it really is a full-time job to find a great space, in a convenient neighborhood, within the budget they are looking to spend, and that in the long run the ease and bargaining power of an agent makes it well worth it.

      -Nathan (clearly biased)

    • since I'm a real estate agent is easy for me to tell you to call one but just be careful with some people that call them self RE Agents ask for credentials it's the law and there's plenty of place on the web that can help you with your apt search good luck getting your apartment

    • Hello! When are you moving?

      Horrible credit is okay if you can have a guarantor. If not, you will need to look into a reputable landlord who will accept 6-8 months security or check out Insurent - they are a lease guarantor company.

      I have some 1-bedrooms in Brooklyn for $1200/month. Real estate agents can simplify the process for you especially since you have horrible credit, we know who will accept you and who will not.

    • 2+ weeks old

      My name is Walter Livan and I am an agent of Carroll Gardens Rapid Realty. I have a few apartments that might suit you. Call me @ 718772-2281 to discuss.

    • MyApartmentMap
      2+ weeks old

      You can start looking for any apartment in those areas on here. Just type in your desired location into the search box and start tweaking the filters to find any size / any price apartment.

      You can also try the broker route, although I do not know of any in the NYC area I can recommend.

      • mamalorig6219153
        2+ weeks old

        I have found quite a few apartments on this site that I like.
        The main concern is credit? Will this be an issue when renting?

    • If you have bad credit then you should definitely use a real estate agent because he or she can show apartments where landlords are more lenient with regards to credit.